For so many of us, continual growth is an obsession. We either grow or die. That doesn’t mean there is an underlying issue that needs resolution but instead a curiosity that is so massive in thirst that budgets, analytics, followers, audience, performance,… essentially all measures, are just the starting point. If you don’t know anything about programmatic advertising, you devote non-work time to, Slideshare, platform tutorials, calls to colleagues, eLearning offerings, white papers, and experiencing sites that are using it as the basis of their banner advertising offerings. You dream up theories on how to use platforms in a more meaningful way and consider what new revenue opportunities result because of their existence.

A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer is a wonderful book on how “curiosity” not only delivers personal growth but outlandish, repeatable successes. His success driver is found in meeting new people regularly and learning from them. Growing.

Please take the time to view this video interview of Brian Grazer by Malcom Gladwell. Another great who personifies continual GROWing.

What’s my point? Change. Disruption. Pivot. Epic Business. Principles… all the words being used by players and organizations to justify what needs to be done to survive in 2018 shouldn’t be a shock to the system, and wouldn’t be, if continual growth were part of every individual’s lifestyle and being. You can never grow just enough to get by, because just getting by will be over as you proudly mark the growth you have achieved.

Posted by:deanhorowitz

Results-focused marketing leader who is deeply involved in the dynamics of building on- and off-line, profitable communities. Specialties: Experienced in business development, strategic planning, emerging media, evangelizing brands/companies, developing & launching new products (in print, digital, experiential), social media, sales & content management, databases, street-to-CEO sales, and all aspects of business leadership/management

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