Enthusiast media users/subscribers also go to work. Those who enjoy the outdoors, hobbies, being fit and a healthy lifestyle are also professionals. They love their non-work activities, look forward to performing them during non-work hours and want to keep growing in them. It is great to be a novice when the demands of being a professional are so high.

When creating “personas” for current and target customers are you including skiing, renovating old houses, backpacking, woodworking and healthy eating? You, like most marketers, are leaving it at age, gender, education, professional role, years in profession and social media consumption. By including enthusiast aspects, you are seeing your target as a full human being. One whose basic communication need is being understood.

B2B + B2C enthusiast = a full human experience. An extremely powerful messaging opportunity.

Interior designer, architect, home builder, home remodeler, and contractor personas are typically created around years in business, types of projects they work on, geographic region and media preferences. By including consumer enthusiast media in your plans, you gain the same demo/geo access within a passion-based content experience. What used to be described as “the one, two punch.”

Why not present native content around your persona’s interests and have it appear during their enthusiast experience? This content, since it powerfully connects with the persona, can then be leveraged for social media platforms as well as sales experiences. Many contractors are woodworkers. Many architects into a healthy lifestyle. Interior designers into gardening. This content positions your company in line with the full person. Shared enthusiasm and values, could then translate into brand preference.

Content marketing can now be created a little differently. Your company’s investment into a recent Habitat For Humanity build is a subject that can fit into multiple connection points beyond the build experience. How your products assisted in the success of the build (b2b) can now also be presented as meaningful off-work (b2c) acts. Multiple resonating connection points.

1+1=3, finally.

Oh, and yes, the company I work for has the ability to target each of these personas.

Posted by:deanhorowitz

Results-focused marketing leader who is deeply involved in the dynamics of building on- and off-line, profitable communities. Specialties: Experienced in business development, strategic planning, emerging media, evangelizing brands/companies, developing & launching new products (in print, digital, experiential), social media, sales & content management, databases, street-to-CEO sales, and all aspects of business leadership/management

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