It’s about quality like it always has been.

How a company expresses itself either increases its value in the mind of its potential and current customers or decreases it.

When too much weak content is being posted, when brands share other’s content instead of their own, when services are selling boxed content that a brand can deploy… it is time for the madness to end. Goodbye.

Before talking with a client or supplier, I have always done my research. Who are they, what do they represent or produce, where do they spend their money, who are their competitors, and maybe a quick SWOT on them. It enables me to see where my products/services can fit in and support their goals and where they fit into mine.

Over the past decade or more, I’ve been able to find out who works at the company, whom I know at a company, and who I know that knows someone at the company. During a time when having a personal connection with a company is more important than ever, this is a pretty powerful tool.

Also, pretty quickly, I can perform a social media audit of the company and understand how they want to be viewed by current and potential clients, backers, employees, and their industry.

A company’s products, market(s), employees, revenue size, etc. are becoming less relevant to customers as there is an increase in interest about the company’s story, what they represent, what their values are, and if the customer can see themselves described in this choice of company because they will have to defend that line-item spending at some point in time.

So how a company expresses itself either increases its value in the mind of its potential and current customers or decreases it. For example, professionally shot videos with meaningful content, hosted appropriately on platforms of choice, will increase the company’s value in the minds of its target audience. Videos poorly crafted, with average material, will lower the company’s value. Is this making sense?

If you agree, have you critically looked at how you are creating content and disseminating it in your market? Are the posts meaningful to the target audience? Have you created “personas” so you know who the target audience is? Do you have a content calendar or are postings on your website, blog, and social media platforms just an item on a “to-do list” that either get executed or don’t?

A large, well-run company that posts content not aligned with its mission and not in a systematic manner is going to sink in today’s communication/storytelling environment.

Why does Content Marketing need to die? Because too many companies are hiring one or two people who are in charge of their website, digital outreach and social media who don’t know their market and how to communicate with it resulting in terrible, yes, TERRIBLE content. You see, material should be hard to properly produce. If it is good, it should be so hard to create your competitors cannot play in the same space as you do. This ability is as important as your products’ quality, salespeople, warranties, logistics, and all other areas you invest in with pride.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective; there are lots of late night and late-late night programs on the air. They are all focused on making you laugh and be entertaining. Their business is reliant on you choosing their program instead of others during this time of diminishing attention spans and a bounty of distractions. The relationship a show & its host has with their audience MUST be so compelling that it is the first choice during its time slot, what you talk about the next day at work, and what you share with friends on social media. This game isn’t anymore cut-throat then your company’s so why do they have dozens of writers and producers whose job is to create resonating, brand-aligned content that is continually fresh, unique and shareable while most companies have only one or two inexperienced people creating theirs?

Content Marketing must die because the vast majority of it out in the market sucks. It sucks so BADly that it is harming the companies associated with it. They MUST STOP to survive.

It must die, so the great content makers no longer have to compete with mediocrity and users don’t have to experience finding great content the same as finding a “needle in a haystack.”

Posted by:deanhorowitz

Results-focused marketing leader who is deeply involved in the dynamics of building on- and off-line, profitable communities. Specialties: Experienced in business development, strategic planning, emerging media, evangelizing brands/companies, developing & launching new products (in print, digital, experiential), social media, sales & content management, databases, street-to-CEO sales, and all aspects of business leadership/management

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