Every component involved in creating great content and programs requires the use of new technologies; particularly, a CX Survey research tool to help you engage with your audiences, segment and analyze data, and report on it in an actionable way.

Here is a 6 point checklist of essential features required for the most useful and reliable outcomes provided by Byron Zanopoulo, Managing Director of Signet Research’s ‘Sibyl Surveys’ SaaS platform.

  1. Ensure it was developed by a knowledgeable research company that knows how to craft the most appropriate questions and survey structure so that your outcome is most actionable.
  2. Surveys should be delivered in a non-intrusive manner. They’re often best sent via email in a format in which questions can be answered from within the email itself. You also should have the ability to send surveys via text message, social media embed, app, and web popup so you have the appropriate fielding tools for all touchpoints.
  3. Tracking and trending of data on an ‘individual’ basis is critical and the biggest differentiator between a CX tool and a ‘Survey’ tool. You have to be able to track the feedback history of specific respondents on an ongoing basis. Sentiment and needs change. ‘Hedonic adaptation’ and other evolutionary mechanisms show us that unfortunately, human satisfaction is a temporary phenomenon. It is important to observe that change over time and respond accordingly.
  4. Graphical reporting that is easily shared is very critical. Negative responses of any kind, require immediate response. Share actionable reports with individuals in your organization who can resolve any ‘detractor’ concerns immediately. The objective should be to turn every detractor into a promoter so that they can encourage other attendees.
  5. When asking open ended questions from large groups of people, employ a text analysis tool built into the platform so you can identify key opportunities to create attendance.
  6. Filters. You need the ability to create an unlimited number of custom filters based on any piece of data you have on your attendees from their demographics to their favorite color (if applicable). This cannot be stressed enough. It is critical that you can view data based on each custom persona so it can guide your marketing initiatives. Each is going to require a different approach. A great survey platform provides that road map.
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