From 4/16/2019 column in Folio Magazine: Success in content marketing means recognizing your unmatched value and embedding your brand in a client’s day-to-day business.

Too many media companies are falling into the one-off trap in content marketing.

Learning of a client’s desire to own a certain topic and demonstrate thought leadership, the resulting proposal is usually a restatement of these desires—why the media brand is the best platform in that particular thought-leadership niche—and then the deliverables: a special section in an upcoming issue, content on the media brand’s website(s), native advertising, a webcast, or depending on budget, a special issue mailed and a new “sponsored” category added to the website. Maybe even a speaking spot during an upcoming conference.

Pricing? Well, that’s when confidence falls apart. “How much do you think they can afford to spend?” … “They’ll never go for that; don’t include it.” … “Let’s do tiered pricing so we can at least lock them in with one of the packages.”

This model is perfect for setting up clients to shop around the different elements of your proposal, guiding the creation of an RFP and becoming aware of other resources for achieving the same goal. With new marketing technologies and platforms, as well as an assortment of ways to gain experienced freelance talent, clients’ choices are plentiful. With a new emphasis on “owned platforms” instead of “rented platforms”  like social media, a high number of companies are establishing thought leadership directly with their target audience. With heightened interest in inbound marketing and data, establishing a targeted database is easier today than during any other time in history—despite new and evolving restrictions on email usage.

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