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Brand Undergoing Design and Content Upgrades, Enhanced Focus on Architects & Building Owners/Developers and an Aggressive Expansion into New Media Platforms

Chicago, IL (August 1, 2019) — IdeaSoil, LLC announces its acquisition of Commercial Architecture magazine, a leading publication in the commercial construction field, from Applied Technical Publications. The publication is currently undergoing significant investments to better serve building owners, as well as developers and their architects – with an emphasis on the new generation of leaders in the rapidly evolving construction industry.

Commercial Architecture has a rich history of serving 48,000+ decision makers in the commercial construction space, responsible for the design and construction of airports, government buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels and hospitality centers, K-12 and university buildings, multifamily dwellings, office buildings, retail spaces, sports/rec facilities, and more.

Architects, owners, and developers deserve a well-designed thoughtful approach to content that both inspires and informs. Commercial Architecture, and its soon-to-be-launched website, is focused on uniting architectural vision and informed clients with the right materials and services as they mutually evolve the built environment.

Immediate strategic brand enhancements include:

  1.  “… People won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou.  The uniting of the voices and vision of architects and owners/developers. Through thoughtful collaboration on content creation, design, networking, and surveys, this unique demographic’s bond with CommArch’s mission and evolution will go beyond media voice and consumer of information. This will be the extension of their desired culture as they participate on the editorial advisory board and provide a continual stream of communication with the brand and its community.

This new generation of leaders will transform the commercial-building process through technology and attention on social equity. These are the individuals who are in the midst of establishing their personal brands and legacies, and actively seek materials that will enable them to achieve their vision.

  • “Sports Illustrated was for your parents, ESPN is for us” – unnamed ESPN employee.

With an emphasis on video, each Commercial Architecture content element, and the platform it is accessed on, will engage the audience in compelling visuals and elevated storytelling standards.

  • “Don’t bore me” – everyone.

Marketing partners and sponsors will have access to the architect and owner/developer audience in new, meaningful ways. Starting with a digital relationship, advertisers will have the opportunity to tell their stories through multiple pathways, including in-person, in print, and digitally.

  • “It is only sustainable if it isn’t thrown away”- IdeaSoil, LLC. 

The print publication is being upgraded in paper and design – same size, with a new look that ensures each issue is iconic, cherished, retained, and integral to this select group’s workflow. Three issues will be produced during the second half of 2019, with a frequency of 8x per year starting in 2020.  

The next edition of Commercial Architecture will be the September/October 2019 issue (Ad Close: Sept. 6, 2019).  It will gain bonus distribution at events such MetalCon, Pittsburgh (Oct. 2, 3, 4), Construct Show, MD (Oct. 9, 10, 11), ABX Boston (Nov. 6, 7), and Pre-show Greenbuild, Atlanta (Nov. 20, 21, 22).

Commercial Architecture’s new owner, IdeaSoil, is a cutting-edge audience engagement company capable of leveraging the multi-platform content opportunities that exist today. With equal weight placed on all content consumption platforms, the Commercial Architecture team will always focus on the audience first, innovating how, when, and where they consume information.

“The team we’re assembling at Commercial Architecture boasts deep understanding on how to connect with and grow key audiences through industry experience, and a proven ability to turn big ideas into reality within the built-environment media space,” stated Dean Horowitz, President, IdeaSoil, LLC. “At Commercial Architecture, or CommArch as it will soon be referred to as, we’re in an ideal position to revolutionize media consumption within the industry, again, and do it with great passion and pride.”

Previous successes achieved by members of the IdeaSoil team include:

  • eLearning platforms serving the built environment
  • The creation of Professional Builder’s websites and Show Village concept at IBS
  • The launch of Professional Remodeler magazine
  • The re-birth of Building Design + Construction
  • The School of the Future at Greenbuild
  • The Medical Facility of the Future at Greenbuild
  • Landmark Green Building conferences and research
  • The Benchmark conferences
  • VisibleCity, a Second Life-type virtual experience into commercial buildings of the future
  • Habitat for Humanity demonstration builds
  • Creation of “The Today Show’s Farmers Market Kitchen” (at Rockefeller Center)
  • Exterior Design magazine

Contact: Dean Horowitz

              CPO, CommArch

Phone: (847) 922-5102


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