Folio Mag article: Want a Paywall Transition? Compensate Your Content Teams Appropriately

To succeed in paid content, it is essential to reward those who convert visitors to paid subscribers. The most significant currency today is attention. The individuals who gain an audience’s attention and can effectively engage them with content are indispensable to a media company—and now, to general marketers, too. As media companies migrate their “open”…

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How important is it to know what your customer is thinking?

It costs anywhere from $10 (retail) to $395 (technology/software) to gain a new customer (CAC = Cost of Customer Acquisition). How do you get to your number? One approach is by adding together the following: Marketing Campaign costs (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Sponsorships, Print Ads, Video, Content Marketing, Sales Literature, Research, Trade Shows, ) Wages…

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Paving the Purchase Funnel with Actionable Content

Reviving media’s importance in a company’s marketing strategy only requires a slight shift in the content creator’s thinking. But for most, it is seismic. This has provided an opening many companies, agencies, and freelancers are filling. Simply stated, this opportunity resides in content associated with each stage of the Purchase Funnel. Delivered across platforms. The…

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