Fil Doux Textiles Bursts Into Outdoor Market Segment with Collection of Premium, Sustainably-Minded Outdoor Fabrics

First-ever Outdoor Collection Makes Fil Doux Textiles a One-Stop-Shop for Hospitality and Cruise

October 05, 2021 - by commARCH
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Fil Doux Textiles Bursts Into Outdoor Market Segment with Collection of Premium, Sustainably-Minded Outdoor Fabrics

What is it?
Fil Doux Textiles, a Brooklyn-based textile company producing mill-direct, luxurious upholstery, tannery-direct leather, and Otratex—the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative—is thrilled to announce its entrance into the outdoor segment with the debut of a 16-pattern, 19-color textile collection. Kismet in its timing, the new product category aligns with a renewed interest in outdoor leisure and lounge spaces as the hospitality and cruise market reopens and ushers in a new and exciting chapter.

The collection, which is developed and manufactured through the company’s vertically integrated mills, is a cohesive extension of Fil Doux Textiles’ existing product portfolio.

Why is it needed? and What are its uses?
With this new category, Fil Doux Textiles provides the hospitality and cruise markets with textiles that are equipped to endure the challenges of a variety of environments, from salt-soaked beaches to poolside decks. Timeless patterns like Ribbon Outdoor and fun graphic designs like Hunter Outdoor, are central to the line and give designers the ability to create standout exterior hospitality and cruise spaces. The fabrics have an impressive eight- to ten-week lead time, further enhancing their appeal.

Why is it important?
The two materials offered, Solution Dyed Acrylic and Solution Dyed Polyester, are known for their superior durability, UV and water resistance, and colorfastness. These fibers have been perfected to bring the softest touch and exceptional quality that Fil Doux Textiles fabrics are known for to the outdoors. The beauty of this launch is having full control over every step of production at our vertically integrated mills.

What are the key aspects?
All of Fil Doux Textiles’ products, including the outdoor line, are produced using sustainable practices, which has resulted in the company achieving status as a prestigious MindClick Leader. Fil Doux Textiles’ mills are fully operable on solar and wind power, dye waters for fabrics are reclaimed and reused, and leftover fabrics are repurposed for packaging. In the spirit of environmental sustainability, Fil Doux Textiles has partnered with 501(c) One Tree Planted with a pledge to donate 1,000 trees to Brazilian Rainforests for every 1,000 yards of Otratex™ purchased.

Where can you get it?
To learn more, please visit and

About Fil Doux Textiles 
Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Fil Doux Textiles produces mill-direct, timeless, luxurious upholstery, Otratex™, and Box Sock™ for the hospitality, cruise, government, and contract sectors. Founded over 80 years ago, the family-owned mills, led by third-generation textile expert Leonardo Novik, pride themselves on a continued commitment to sustainability, touch, tradition, and quality. All textiles, which are tariff and duty-free from Chile and Brazil, are produced at their fully vertical mills allowing for customization and industry-dominant lead times—delivery in six weeks or less—on all woven fabrics, Otratex™, Box Sock™, tannery-direct leather, and digital textile prints. Fil Doux Textiles is an industry disruptor—continually introducing game-changing, proprietary products to the market, including the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative, Otratex™ - The Conscious Choice, and three powerful protectants: Pro-Tech (ink and denim), Pro-Tech Plus (bleach cleanable), and Copper Shield by Pro-Tech (antimicrobial). The company’s eye for sustainable innovations and practices is also evident with its tannery-direct leather offering, which has modernized a centuries-old craft. With the environment top-of-mind, Fil Doux Textiles upholds significant environmental standards and has been a MindClick Leader since 2019. The mills are fully operating on solar and wind energy and water is recycled with the onsite water reclamation system. The firm also partners with 501(c) One Tree Planted to donate 1,000 trees to Brazilian Rainforests for every 1,000 yards of Otratex™ purchased. To learn more, please visit and