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Sound Privacy & Acoustic Design with Rockfon's Dr. Gary Madaras

May 14, 2021

For people of all walks of life, privacy is an ever-more-present concern, and architecture plays a massive role in shaping the ways in which we communicate. Acoustic designers, thankfully, have an evolving toolbox to leverage in order to achieve a desired environment. In this second conversation with Dr. Gary Madaras, commARCH speaks about the challenges facing architects and acoustic designers when emphasizing the value of speech privacy and a variety of potential solutions to those concerns. Dr. Gary Madaras holds a PhD in acoustics from the University of Florida and serves as Acoustics Specialist at Rockfon. His decades of experience working and studying acoustics extend across a wide range of industries and verticals, and he has contributed to a variety of highly innovative award-winning projects over the course of his career.